Happy Earth Day
Celebrate Public Transit
Citizens Taking Action for
Transit Dependent Riders
Transportation is the second largest source of climate change inducing emissions in the United States.

Investing in and using public transit is one of the best ways of combating pollution.  We use 20,000,000 barrels of oil everyday, 70% of it is for transportation

Riding public transit reduces the emission of 156,000,000 pounds of nitrogen oxides.

Communities that invest in public transit curb the nation's carbon emissions by 37,000,000 metric tons annually:  equivalent to if New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles combined stopped using electricity.

Buses emit 80% less carbon monoxide than a car.  Rail transit emits almost none.

U.S. public transportation saves 4,700,000,000 gallons of gasoline annually.

We use 20,000,000 barrels of oil everyday, 
70% of it is for transportation.
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Citizens Taking Action for transit dependent riders
  Chicago, IL