​February 18, 2014

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Attention: NBC 5 Investigates

Re: CTA Intersections for Traffic Violations by CTA Drivers, Red Light Cameras

As a transit dependent rider I am somewhat at a loss as to the value of knowing what are the intersections where CTA bus operators are most likely to get tickets (actually get caught by the red light cameras). I also don't think the effort demonstrates or establishes that CTA bus drivers are reckless.  

What you missed in your story is that CTA must pay the city for the tickets, and then uses the money for other things. Considering that the city itself contributes virtually nothing towards funding public transit means the city actually makes money at the expense of riders. CTA is a fare box dependent system, and riders end up financing city operations. I suggest you look up the budget for verification.

Also, your story appears to be another attack against the operating personnel. Perhaps you ought to investigate the dismal labor relations since Mr. Claypool was appointed by the Mayor. A three (3) day suspension for a first offense is outrageous, with a second offense, if I am correct, resulting as reported in dismissal. This seems to be a little severe for running a red light. How many intersections does a driver go through during their shifts in a single day? How many CTA buses in the transit system go through an intersection of any given day? Did you investigate that?  Bus drivers are too easy a target for poor transit service, when the fault lies elsewhere, specifically transit management. And I seem to believe that the installation of red light cameras has itself drawn a certain amount of criticism. 

If you want to investigate CTA, I suggest that you look into the absolute nonsense, controversy, and money to be wasted for bus rapid transit (BRT), or how routes / hours of operation have been cut during that past five (5) years. Info at: http://www.ctariders.org/CTABusRoutes.html


Charles Paidock, Secretary
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