The Public Safety of Passengers Isn’t Up for a Vote

Citizens Taking Action, an organization comprised of transit dependent riders, has taken a position that no concealed handguns should be permitted on any vehicle, on any platform, or in an station of CTA, Pace or Metra.

Charles Paidock, Secretary of Citizens Taking Action, or organization comprised of transit dependent riders, states that:  “Security on a transit system should be performed by professionals assigned to do it, and not just anyone who pays a fare, goes out and buy a gun, and then imagines that they are therefore in charge of it.  If someone wants to have a weapon, that’s their personal choice.  Just don’t bring it onto a public transit system.  The right of public safety of all passengers is very real, and significantly more important than any alleged personal right that a gun advocate might image himself to possess.  Entering a transit system is not the same as standing on a street corner, and the terms and conditions change when you choose do so.  No one has a right to public transit, to the exclusion of commonly agreed upon and acceptable rules that one is to follow when you join the community of passengers.

Just as guns are not allowed where we work, they should not be allowed in going to and from the place where we work.  The daily commute is an extension of our corporate lives.

Furthermore, concealed carry would eliminate altogether any safety for the operating personnel.  Our concerns extend to them as well.  A transit system is the place where they work, and in transporting passengers, they should not be subject to potential violence authorized by the Illinois State Legislature.”

Citizens Taking Action
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