Press Release August 19, 2015
Citizens Taking Action for transit dependent riders

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Transit Group Fears Eventual Elimination of Local Bus Service

Transit Group Opposes Pace “Pulse” Project

Citizens Taking Action, a public transit advocacy organization, is contacting city, state, and federal officials voicing concerns over plans by Pace Suburban Bus to modernize public transportation in northeastern Illinois with a 24-line arterial bus rapid transit network. The proposed change to bus service is called “Pulse,” scheduled to take place over the next decade.

Pace has chosen a route along Milwaukee Avenue to be the first Pulse service in operation. Pace will host an open house on August 26, 2015 at the Copernicus Center in Chicago for the public to learn more about Pulse.

Charles Paidock, Secretary, said: “This is the beginning of a conversion of the entire suburban bus system to a bus rapid transit (BRT) type of operation. The one advantage of a bus is that no station is required along a route, and stops can be virtually anywhere enroute. In a BRT system one gets on and off only at a station, which can be on average around a mile apart. Passengers have to walk possibly quite a distance to get on a bus, and then walk again when they get off to get to their destination. I believe that Pace eliminated quite a few routes a few years ago, and perhaps should look instead to restoring basic service.”

The group is concerned that Pace’s plans will ultimately result in elimination of local bus service along the routes, and maintains that express buses can furnish the same service.

Kevin Peterson, Co-Director of the group, said that” “We are not opposed to express buses during peak periods, but this should not mean elimination of a local bus route, such as the #270, at all times and on weekends.

Don Richie, a member of the group, stated that: “The Pulse Line planned bus stops are each nearly a mile apart. This would force elderly and handicapped people to walk long distances to catch a bus. This defeats the advantage of buses, which is that you don’t have to walk very far to catch one.”

In Chicago, the CTA announced a Tuesday that it had make a determination to cancel plans for BRT services on two routes in the city, and will provide express bus service instead.

Citizens Taking Action 
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