• A $3 single-ride train ticket, instead of the current $2.25

• The Ventra card costing $5, which will be credited towards future transit fares only if we register it      within 90 days of purchase

• Pay $10 per hour “Account Research Fee” while disputing a charge on Ventra Debit

• Pay $2 fee for making a phone call to Ventra's customer service center for Ventra Debit

• Pay $2 for requesting paper copy of transactions for Ventra Debit

• A $5-a-month "dormancy fee'' charged to the transit-fare account that are inactive for 18 months

• A $2-a-month "dormancy fee'' charged to the pre-paid debit side are inactive for 18 months

• A $2.95 "Reload on Internet'' fee each time we add money to the retail side of Ventra cards using a    personal credit card

• A $6 "Balance Refund Fee'' to receive a check for the remainder balance on the Ventra account

Citizens Taking Action
for transit dependent riders
Fix the Farecard
The next monthly meeting will be on Monday, April 1st,
from 7-9:00 PM, at 77 W. Washington, 4th Floor  Information (312) 714-7790
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