Bus Route - operates during the

1 Bronzeville/Union Station

2 Hyde Park Express

3 King Drive

4 Cottage Grove

N5 South Shore Night Bus

6 Jackson Park Express

7 Harrison

8 Halsted

8A South Halsted

9 Ashland

X9 Ashland Express

10 Museum of Science & Industry

11 Lincoln

12 Roosevelt

J14 Jeffery Jump

15 Jeffery Local
Rush Hour    Early Evening    Late Evening    24 Hours    Saturday/Sunday

Citizens Taking Action 
for transit dependent riders
Study of Current CTA
Bus Routes
Hours of Operations
Transit Riders Need Frequent, Full, Standardized Service

While CTA offers extensive public transit options to cars for getting around, it does not operate at all times, or to all parts of the city.  Citizens Taking Action, a group comprised of transit dependent riders, recommends that you study current train and bus schedules before venturing out to avoid getting stranded, with no way to get home.  The organization is concerned that few routes operate past the early evening, and ever fewer operate a full 24 hours.  In addition, CTA will often make "service adjustments" in routes which are not well publicized to passengers, or notices posted at bus stops.
        Current transit options it maintains are very limited for people who work the 2nd or 3rd shift, or employed in retail stores or restaurants. In addition, the first and last bus times vary considerably among the routes.
        A study was done of the 120 current CTA bus routes.  Only two L lines operate at all times every day, the Red (from Howard to 95th/Dan Ryan),  and Blue (from O'Hare to Forest Park).  18 bus routes run at all times every day, with 30-minute intervals between buses.  (brochure)  Hours on almost all routes are cut back on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.  31 bus routes are operated only during the weekday rush hour.
        Adding to confusion to the average rider is the fact that virtually no two routes have the same starting and stopping times, and making connections enroute is difficult or impossible.  Altogether there are more than 500+ separate schedules in effect across the entire system.
        The transit group maintains that sufficient revenue is collected during the peak, rush hour periods to finance off-peak services in some measure to all parts of the city.