We Ride and We Vote
Citizens Taking Action
for transit dependent riders


​December 7, 2023
Citizens Taking Action for transit dependent riders                                    Send Comments to:
Charles Paidock, Secretary, (312) 842-5036 office, (312) 714-7790 cell  cpaidock@hotmail.com
Kevin Peterson (773) 896-8126 transitcatt@hotmail.com
Summary of Comments at RTA Public Hearing on Budget

        1.Regional transit is in trouble due to decreased federal funding 
and fare box revenue

2.Need significant influx of funds to keep from shutting down and performing maintenance of way

3.To date no study, report or proposal issued presents a solution, 
nothing new

4.We propose a reorganization / consolidation of all transit into four divisions
Bus, Conventional and Clean Energy Vehicles
Rail, Light Elevated and Commuter
Routes, Stations and Stops, Maintenance of Way
Schedules, Support and Specialized Services

5.Each municipality sent a bill for transit services to that locality based on a set formula and paid for through an appropriation

6.Only report we want is an annual report if service has increased or decreased – at a glance / law passed for procedures to follow to alter a route or schedule

7.Never place Citizens Taking Action on a list of RTA affiliated organizations

8.Uniformity in semi-annual and annual public hearings on transit needed, every year this process is pure chaos 

​   List of Service Cuts due to Lack of Funding 
​   List of Service Cuts due to Lack of Funding