US Dept of Transportation Secretary: 
$1 Trillion for Public Infrastructure Just Not Possible
maybe only one-fifth 1/5, sale of government assets to private sector 

By Matthew Wisner Published May 02, 2017 White House FOXBusiness

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao detailed the Trump administration’s bold infrastructure plan, telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, “The president has said that it is top priority to repair, rebuild and rehabilitate the infrastructure of our country. You know, the transportation infrastructure, the entire infrastructure of America determines our competitiveness internationally.”

Chao outlined the potential timeline for an infrastructure plan from the administration, telling Bartiromo that she anticipates a proposal by the third quarter.

According to Chao, the infrastructure plan would cost $1 trillion over 10 years, $200 billion of which would be direct federal funding. 

“Some people have suggested all federal funding for $1 trillion, and that's just not possible because we would incur a tremendous deficit,” she said.

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