Transit group says CTA should restore bus routes and schedules which have been eliminated as “service adjustments” 
CTA Ridership has dropped 16.3% since a record high in 2012, with ridership expected to fall another 1.8% in 2020

November 4, 2019

Citizens Taking Action for transit dependent riders, an advocacy group states that CTA and elected officials are responsible for the decline in ridership of 16.3% since a record high in 2012. Ridership expected to fall another 1.8% in 2020. Members of the organization say CTA should restore bus routes and schedules which have been eliminated as “service adjustment” over the past 5 years

Charles Paidock, co-director, states that “We have been warning for years that something should be done about cuts in bus routes and schedules, even since CTA implemented an alleged plan in 2012 to supposedly “reduce overcrowding.” In many respects CTA is becoming a rush hour only service, catering to passengers only during that peak period. As a result, early and late evening, and weekend service has declined across the system, with twenty-four hour service offered only on a limited number of routes. It comes as no surprise that passengers are turning to other travel modes.”


December 2012
Crowding Reduction: The CTA began offering additional service on 48 bus routes and six rail lines during weekdays, as part of a comprehensive plan to reduce uncomfortable crowding on the system’s busiest routes and help meet growing ridership demand. The plan is the equivalent of $16 million in added service to bus and rail routes that are used by more than 76 percent of CTA’s customers – and comes at no additional cost to taxpayers and riders.

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​Citizens Taking Action 
for transit dependent riders 
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