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A recent study has found that the demand, demographically, for housing near transit is increasing, and will be double the number of people that presently live in these neighborhoods today.


In your capacity as the Alderman of the ______ Ward, we are sending this form in order for you to assign a score on how your ward ranks as a “transit zone.” 


Ranking among wards will obviously be a determining factor in determining real estate values, and where people will want to live.  Results / ranking of wards will be tabulated and reported to you.


Survey on Transit Oriented Development

How Does Your Ward Rank as a Transit Zone?


Please put down the appropriate # number.


How many CTA bus routes pass through the ward?                            _____


How many routes operate twenty-four (24) hours a day?                     _____


How many elevated stations are situated in the ward?                         _____


How many elevated lines pass through the ward?                                _____


How many stations are open twenty-four hours a day?                         _____


How many downtown bus routes are there to/from the Loop?             _____


How many crosstown bus routes (north/south) are there?                    _____


How many crosstown bus routes (east/west) are there?                      _____


How many Metra or South Shore train stations are there?                   _____


How many Pace bus routes are there?                                                  _____


How many bus shelters or benches are there in the ward?                  _____


Please score a “yes” as a 1, and “no” as a 0.


Can one easily take public transit to an airport?                                   _____


Can one easily take public transit to a grocery store?                          _____


Can one easily take public transit to a hospital or clinic?                     _____


Can one easily take public transit to schools/public library?                _____


Can one easily take public transit to a passenger train/

Amtrak station?                                                                                         _____


Can one easily take public transit to an intercity bus station?              _____




                                                                Add Total Score                        _____



Any General Comments You Would Like to Make Concerning Public Transit:














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