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Citizens Taking Action for transit dependent riders
August 19, 2011
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Don't Give Up Ownership of Our Streets (95 miles total) to Private Companies

Transit Group Says Too Many Running Transit Already

CTA Groups Wants to Stop Private Companies
from Having Exclusive Use of City Streets

Citizens Taking Action, an organization comprised of transit dependent riders, is raising issue with a plan introduced by the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to have a network of 10 “bus rapid transit routes,” possibly operated by the private sector companies, or what is termed a “public-private partnership” (PPP).  This consistutes 95 miles of major streets in Chicago.  The group is concerned that CTA would revert back to collection of private companies more concerned about making money than providing a public service for passengers.  As transit dependent riders, they say the city and state should stop and seriously reconsider turning over its infrastructure.  Cars and trucks could not use the lanes in either direction, at any time.  The plans issued by CTA call for only three routes, and another three routes in the future, operated by the service itself, and only during rush hours.

Charles Paidock Secretary of the organization, said that “We already have transit being run by federal, state and local legislative committees, the presidents and boards of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), CTA, Metra, and Pace, and now they want to add managers of private sector companies, who notoriously don’t do what you ask them to do unless they are absolutely required, taken to court, or get additional compensation.  It amounts to allowing a company operate a bus line independent of, not integrated with CTA, and not answerable to anyone, which has exclusive use of bus-only lanes 24 hours a day put in at taxpayer expense.  You simply don’t give a private company a monopoly over operating a public service.”

The transit group has joined with others concerned about the city and state making public-private partnership deals, and formed “Privatization Watch: Illinois.”  There will be a program regarding PPPs on Saturday, August 20, at 8:00 PM at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Avenue, in Chicago.  The event is open to the public.  Addition information is available on the internet at the website of Citizens Taking Action, at:

Citizens Taking Action
for transit dependent riders