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Chicago Transit Authority
Charles Paidock, Secretary 
(312) 714-7790 cell or (312) 842-5036
3211 S. Union Ave  Chicago, IL 60616
Kevin Peterson (773) 896-8126

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7:00 PM 
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Attention:  Suburbanites
Did you know that CTA presently serves 40 suburban communities?  Citizens Taking Actions has over time expanded our concerns to include RTA, Metra, Pace, South Shore, as well as Amtrak / High Speed Rail Passenger Trains.  Why not join us in improving and expanding surface transportation services?  Can't make a meeting every month?  Then join the mailing list.  We'll keep you informed, and have sundry ways that you can be involved on an occasional basis.
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Midwest High Speed Rail
Midwest High Speed Rail
Northwest Corridor
Chicago Transit Authority
Proposal for Rapid Transit Line
Chgo Tribune Nov 26, 2011
Proposal for Rapid Transit Line
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Turmoil at Public Hearing on CTA Fares
Transit Fare Increase on Jan 7th
Rahm said CTA made “the right choices” by increasing fares twice while Mayor
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